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Ensure your ecommerce site is optimised to deliver the same user experience across all available screen sizes

As the number of devices that allow internet access grows, so does the need for retailers to ensure their ecommerce site is optimised to deliver the same user experience across all available screen sizes. Responsive Web Design, which is a standard feature of the Venda platform, allows retailers to future-proof their ecommerce offering, and ensures each end customer will receive the same high standard of user experience, no matter which device they use to access the site.

Why Responsive?

  • 85% of adults think that a company's mobile website should be as good as, or better than, their desktop website
  • According to a survey by Google, 48% of users said that if a site didn't work well on their smart phone, it made them feel like that company didn't care about their business
  • 90% of people use multiple device screens sequentially
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  • Retailers have reported increases in conversion rates of everywhere between 60-100% after adopting Responsive Web Design
  • Mobile phone & tablet commerce is expected to reach €142 billion in Europe, by 2018 according to research by Forrester.
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Benefits of RWD include:

  • Higher Conversion, More Sales – Delivering a better consumer experience across all devices being used has been proven to increase conversion rates and sales. A happy engaged customer is far more likely to be a repeat customer, meaning Responsive Web Design builds the foundation for retailer's future growth
  • Increased Agility, Lower Costs – A single site is quicker and easier to maintain than a multitude of device specific sites; minimising costs and increasing agility and speed to market
  • Wider Audience, More Customers – With Responsive Web Design the devices which can use your site are maximised, increasing the reach and audience. With a single site your organic SEO authority is also maximised
  • Increased Offline Sales – With mobile devices being near-ubiquitous, having your products and content available in your consumers' hands whilst they shop leads to increased offline sales and, of course, your store finder ensures your customers can find their favourite brand on the high street
Responsive Web Design (or "RWD") is a type of web design that provides a customised viewing experience for different browser platforms. A website created with RWD will display a different interface depending on what device is used to access the site.



Mobile browsing is often a customer's first step when making a purchase, but a bad browsing experience can mean retailers losing customers at an early stage of the buying decision. Venda's innovative RWD solution reduces this possibility and presents an opportunity for us to get ahead of the game, as we're now one of a few top UK retailers that offer a responsive site.

- Chris Thomas, Cloggs


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