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Online retail sales in Europe are expected to double between 2013 and 2019

Online retail sales in Europe are expected to double between 2013 and 2019, with the continuous growth of mobile commerce playing a large part in that growth. As it stands, 41% of internet users in the UK are now shopping via their smartphone*. In order for retailers to take advantage of this growing industry trend, it is vital they adapt to the changing ways consumers are shopping and provide a mobile optimised site.

With Venda's mobile platform, you can provide todays 'anytime, anywhere' consumers with a fully optimised mobile site, which offers the same user experience as their desktop site – ensuring a consistent brand image across both platforms.
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Venda's advance mobile platform helps you:

  • Make storefronts available anywhere, anytime 365/24/7
  • Offer fully transactional mobile sites (search, shop, buy, pay, service)
  • Tie together in-store, web, social, and mobile commerce
  • Run geo-specific marketing and ecommerce campaigns
  • Seamlessly integrate mobile with Venda ecommerce platform

Mobile connects other channels with your brand by:

  • Seeking stores based on geo-location and current postcode
  • Researching products while in-store on iPad or smartphones
  • Scanning the item's barcode to access ratings and reviews, product information and video
  • Share items to Facebook and Twitter or email them to friends and family
  • Seeking special discount offers to decide between competing retailers; an
  • Validating decisions in-store by cross-referencing and researching alternatives
  • Purchasing on-the-fly, and checking order status regularly
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