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Support international expansion with our international services team

Venda is ready to support the international expansion of retailer's operations with our international services team. Based in Europe and the US we can help you plan, execute and optimise your international ecommerce strategy. Our 24/7/365 support from our global centres in New York, London and Bangkok will ensure that critical ecommerce operations will run smoothly, securely and reliably.

Retailers considering international expansion should ask themselves several questions including, but not limited to:

  • Customer experience: What are the cultural norms and preferences that we should incorporate into our user experience? What should we do for post-sales support?
  • Marketing investment: How will my current and new sites impact my SEO/SEM investments? Will the context of my current promotions apply to my international audiences?
  • Content optimisation: Which text, promotional offers, and site sections are relevant for this particular market? How will I manage the languages and our ever changing content?
  • Technical Hurdles: How does my current ecommerce platform handle multiple languages, currencies, payments, taxes and checkout processes?
  • Legal environment: What are the customs and regulations of these foreign markets? How do we learn about distance selling laws and consumer protection legislation?
  • Fulfilment logistics: How will I get my products to my geographically dispersed customers? Shall I partner locally? Who can I trust in these new countries?

Venda supports both multilingual and multicurrency ecommerce sites according to each client's operational requirements:

  • Single site- Multiple currency/language - Your customers specify their preferred language and currency when registering which ensures that they will be directed to the correct customer journey on each login. However they will also have the option to view the site in any of the other supported languages and currencies. Products, prices (including price bands) and categories are assigned by region, allowing the site to differentiate products and prices on a regional basis
  • Independent Sites - This is an ideal solution where you have a fully distributed and delegated overseas operation. Each site is fully self-contained, allowing for independent, local management and operations
  • Currency Conversion - Products can be displayed with prices in multiple currencies with the option of displaying only or displaying and transacting
  • Store locators - Subject to the availability of local information, store location pages can be developed for international branches and franchises
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